Saturday, November 25, 2006

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Monday, November 13, 2006

talking crap about myspace and xanga.

I have a myspace account, and I swear that everytime I get on that dang thing I lose brain cells because it's a fact: "Myspace makes you retarded". Some aspects of it are good, and I love that I can find people on there that I have not seen in years, but the fact remains that it is sophomoric at best. Let's have cliche mirror pictures and girly pic comments to show people what we are into. And the more horrible part of it all is that it is almost a necessary evil. Something about regular blogging seems much more dignifed than to myspace where seeing links for profiles of cool new people that really need to stop taking cliche photos and screwing around with photoshop while their nickelback and panic at the disco profile songs take up web space that could be used for something more important, like a website for midgets who tazer old people. And then there is xanga, which essentially is a pretty okay blog, with a HORRIBLY RETARDED NAME! Xanga!? What the heck is that? Like a retarded anime character? And the worst part is that you have to be a member to respond to people's statements. Don't make me sign up for something that is a lesser myspace. And that is by no means a compliment, calling it the lesser myspace is like comparing a heaving pile of dung to a small pile of dung with less flies around it. I could livejournal I suppose, but I ended up getting one and barely using it. I would much rather use blogspot, but most of my readers are off reading xanga or myspace which really ticks me off that people are wanting to be duped into sites ran by emo kids who couldn't get jobs designing bad t-shirts for hot topics around the world.

Friday, November 10, 2006