Monday, July 31, 2006


I was in New York City, brand new apartment with a great view, big windows that strected across the entire city, I could see everything and it was beautiful. To celebrate the move, we were having a house warming party. Various people that I didn't know happened to be there. And I went back into the living room and I saw my cat Midnight looking at me. And that is when I realized that Midnight had passed away in 2005, and I had petted him and then noticed that he was missing some fur and I was quickly shocked to have it actually sink in that my deceased cat was here in front in and it ran off into my room. Clearly in unrest, my fellow guests went with me carefully towards the room, I stayed back while some woman whom I do not know went into my room, and "Midnight" was running out of my room towards me in a state that struck fear into me. "What sick trick is this?"- I thought to myself as it was running at me and the fear intensified and someone opened my front door and pushed "Midnight" out of my apartment. At this moment, I woke up shocked and in fear. It took me quite some time to get back to sleep. When I was leaving the house this morning for work, I looked at my cat sox, and quickly exited.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Now, I am not a financial expert by any means. But when you stop to think that the operating budget of a small country is roughly one billion dollars and then you see current figures from companies, you start to ask questions.

If a drug company can make 30 billion + a year, and oil companies bring in somewhere around the range of 300 billion + a year, would they not take the means of that of a small country to defend their propriety?

The idea of this possibility really troubles me.

For one, a country can influence another country and gain allies just as such.

Two, some countries are unethical in practice and standards.

Three, if a small country with 1 billion dollars can be cruel, what is that to say of those who make 300x that of the small country, and by what means are they going to protect their practices?

Four is that a country is somewhat publically and morally obligated to help the less fortunate, where as a company or coporation is not.

Another thing that comes into mind is how such possible influence can affect us on a global or local level.

Natural Gas, although a potent source of energy, will run out. It is just a matter of time. Solar Power is a proven inexhaustable source of storing CLEAN energy and two giant solar panels the arizona sun could power all of north america in a surplus. A project that would cost roughly two billion dollars. Now, why has no initiative been taken? Has monetary influence played it's part?

Are there forces beyond that of those who want to make a difference such as coporations trying to protect their source of income? How can we make a difference?

Monday, July 24, 2006

Friday, July 21, 2006

What these ads really say...

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

it's 109* outside and the heat index says 120*, this story and more on today's episode of "effed up!"

Monday, July 17, 2006

Please pray for Indonesia

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

rambling about music

Sunny Day Real Estate- I think I fall into a category where I can be actually lumped into an actual category at the time I fell in love with this band. I knew who they where when they came out but I was off in other (i.e. bad) bad directions musically. I think I discovered them once again shortly before they had gotten back together. I was at a place in my life where I mostly listened to punk and hardcore and everything else was pretty much out of the picture. I remember one day me and my friend Kevin were “jamming”(lol) and I started to play something somewhat slow and melodic and he was like something to the effect of “oh, you like that stuff too?” I giggle every time that memory comes back. I think I was going through a lot spiritually, and I didn’t like certain things about my faith at the time. This was a time when most of my friends pretty much were throwing away their “heathen” cds or trading them in for something Christian. There was that, and I was trying to find some identity outside of that kid who likes to draw and listen to punk. I had heard about Jeremy Enigk and how he became a Christian, and the first thing I thought about was that video sunny day had for “seven”, that cartoon image was somehow still on my brain four years after originally seeing that video in the middle of the night. Knowing about where Seattle was on the music map in the 90’s (see the movie HYPE) and thinking about how this band broke up shortly after Jeremy had found the Lord made me think about how important it was to express what you believe and be who you are. I ended up buying Diary and I remember listening to that all the time. To give you a glimpse on to how much I would listen to that album, is that it would be in the car with me and then again at home, all the time. No other cds. I would actually skip meals and just lay in my bed and listen to Diary over and over again. Pretty freakish I know, but I did it nonetheless. I obsessed over this album because it spoke to me on such a deep and personal level. “The secret voice of dawn”? Seriously, so abstract, but something that had delved into the very core of me. To this day, “Song from a man to an Angel” is one of the most beautiful and personal songs I have ever heard. I know this album is the album in many people’s mind helped bring emo to the forefront at which it is at today. But anybody who truly listened to this album knows that there is much more than some whiny guys trying to get girls. It’s deeper, and much more epic. When I discovered LP2, it was like falling in love with this band all over again although I never fell out of love with them. Those two albums made a solid foundation for the rest of their work together when they reformed for two great albums. The Fire Theft is awesome as well, and I can’t wait for Jeremy’s second solo album.

Juliana Hatfield- MTV used to play music videos believe it or not. Two shows that I watched where they would play videos were 120 minutes and Alternative Nation. I remember the first time I heard Juliana Hatfield, I liked her music but was too shy to admit that. My brother and my friends were all into alice and chains and slayer, and you know, anything not somehow related to metal wasn’t down for them. People could like REM because they knew Nirvana, and those guys were lumped with metal a lot. I always got crap for liking mudhoney, but they made better music than nirvana. Juliana Hatfield played some rockin stuff, but she had her soft and sweet points musically too. I loved hearing songs like “My Sister” and seeing the videos from the “Only Everything” Album. Although I kind of knew of the Blake Babies, I never was into them as much as just hearing Juliana’s voice. I always liked her music, but it wasn’t until 2000, long after the days where she was praised as some 90’s indie rock queen, that I began buying her cds. I found “Only Everything” for about 4 bucks in a now closed CD store in OKC and couldn’t wait to listen to it. For the whole time I was living in Weatherford, I would drive around all the time listening to “Only Everything” and eventually bought all of the back catalogue. I remember going through a really rough time in my life and listening to the “Beautiful Creature” album over and over again as this therapy that helped get me through. I wasn’t talking to anyone I knew besides family and I really just closed off in many many ways. I had music and myself to see me through, and this lady with her soft and fragile voice comforted me. Thinking about how she was blown up to be this next big thing, and then having her next big album pretty much kidnapped from her by her label to never be released driving her back away from reaching her full potential really hit home for me. Like you are this up and coming prospect, and then things happen and your prospect status is taken away, people forget about you, and you have to remember why you truly wanted to become what you were destined to be, so you can prove to yourself that you can do and accomplish things because you love them, not because people may or may not support you. That more than anything is what Juliana Hatfield’s music did for my life.

Damien Jurado- I think it was in 1998 or 1999 that my good friend Kevin bought me Damien’s “Waters Ave. South” album. We both did this show on a Christian radio station and I think I remember Kevin going to a Christian bookstore where waters was in a clearance rack because no one knew what it was. I can picture it in my mind already, some kids looking for the next Christian rock cd to buy or unfairly compare to something “heathen” and they picked this cd up and where gonna buy it because it had a tooth and nail logo on it, and saw the sub pop logo and thought to themselves that they were being fooled. What a shame, this cd is amazing! What pedro the lion always tried to be. This had the good feeling and the heart to back it up. I listen to this cd on a regular basis to this day, just an absolutely great album. At first it was so sad to hear the things he was singing about, and it’s as almost the theme of all of Jurado’s work comes in this distant association with all that he is saying. “Wedding Cake”, oh my gosh, what a great song, the sad lyrics, the backing vocals, the whole song is great. Damien, more than any other artist has this way (to me) of telling stories like he was telling them only to you. Have you ever stayed up all night talking to someone close to you and then you two share some really personal information about each other, and because of that, you have this bond? I get that every time I listen to Damien Jurado as his music speaks for the very core of me. What more can I say?

do you long for a different season?

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Death Cab For Cutie - What Sarah Said

Saturday, July 08, 2006

shocking comparison

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waddya think?

Thursday, July 06, 2006

jp, take 3

jp, take two

I ripped this off from the blow

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Great Albums in my life, Take Two:

So, it's around the year 2000, and I have been going to and from on long drives on an almost weekly basis. I was listening to weezer around this time and I always knew who the rentals were but their first cd didn't really strike me. I was telling a friend of mine about how much I liked Weezer's "Pinkerton" album, and was asked if I liked the Rentals. I gave my weary "they're ok" reaction, which was actually anticipated. Matt Sharp, who left Weezer after Pinkerton to pursue the Rentals full time was a man not unlike myself, he was going through some big changes and fighting burnout, and was running away to pursue happiness. So I was handed a copy of The Rentals' "Seven More Minutes", and I tossed it in my back seat. About two months later, I gave it a shot. Ever since then I have been in Love with the rentals. This is an album about a Man who left his known world to chase his heart in far off places. The Muse, the plagues, the good and bad are all here on this album. Not only do I like this album more than Weezer's Pinkerton, I like the rentals more than I like Weezer. I don't really listen to Weezer today, but I listen to the Rentals on a regular rotation. And although, I don't speak with the person who turned me onto this cd anymore, I can truly say they helped my life by putting this cd in my life.

The Rentals recently got back together and I couldn't be more thrilled.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Monday, July 03, 2006

It's midnight, at the Starlite Diner

You said meet me at a corner to twelve
And I'm standing in the corner
Wishing you were here in my arms,
Fare thee well my old friends
Fare thee well

Is it possible to love someone too much
You bet
The drugs are in safe
And the clothes are on the couch, intertwined
But none of them are yours
And all of them are mine
So cry
Cry like a baby into an ocean of wishes
But it don't ever rain
On a street drenched with painted ladies
Fare thee well my old friends
Fare thee well

Have you ever slept it off to the bones
And woken up at night my love
Having dreamt you called them all
Every person you could never love

It's a blow out
On a birthday cake
And I'm a birthday candle
Floating on the lake

Where are you its getting late
Its midnight at the starlite diner
You said meet me at a corner to twelve
And I'm standing in the corner
Oh there you are


Saturday, July 01, 2006